ISTMA-IPOS Online Dialogue, 29 October 2021

We thank all the ISTMA members who registered and participated in the ISTMA-IPOS Online Dialogue on Friday 29th October 2021. The feedback received was extremely encouraging. Thank you to members who put forward questions and offered constructive and positive comments to IPOS’s examination team. We can all agree it was nice to see so many of the examiners from IPOS in attendance.

The points made from IPOS’s perspective were particularly insightful.  It is important for our members to recognise that we are all working with IPOS towards the same objective of smoothening the examination process. We must also be aware of what is proper conduct in terms of communications with IPOS. To this end, members must understand that the main mode of communication with IPOS must be through IP2SG only and not through email.

It is ISTMA’s objective that we use the Dialogue to create a friendly working understanding between trade mark agents and examiners and also as a platform where we can speak frankly about common problems.