What is ISTMA?

ISTMA is an acronym for the Institute of Singapore Trade Mark Agents. We are a professional-only organisation comprising high calibre trade mark service providers in Singapore such as agents, lawyers, consultants and advisers. We represent professionals who protect the rights and interests of trade mark owners.


Why do we need yet another IP organisation? Yes, there several other IP organisations in Singapore. These are primarily fraternity organisations in character. ISTMA is different. We are an Institute, namely, we are an organisation involved in the advancement and development of the trade mark profession specifically. We are self-regulating and independent. We are the collective voice for trade mark practitioners in Singapore.

What drives ISTMA?

  • Singapore‚Äôs vision and plan to be a Global IP Hub for Asia
  • The Changing IP landscape
  • The need for education and training
  • The need to safeguard the professionalism of trade mark practitioners

If you are a current/aspiring trade mark practitioner …

Come and be part of the answer to the long felt need of the trade mark profession of Singapore.